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Natalie Perzylo

Natalie deals with your lease, your rent, do property inspection and make sure that you are comfortable in your new home.

Blair is in charge of the repairs, maintenance of the properties.

Blair Anderson

We have a variety of houses, flats and townhouses that are fully fenced, and ready to accommodate a friendly dog, a trained dog, a dog that will integrate with the neighbourhood. 

We run our rentals in a professional manner so that both parties have an understanding on what is expected.  We take care of our tenants who equally take care of our properties.

This is a property management company owned by Blair and Natalie. We believe in providing homes to families that have a pet.


A pet is not a requirement, but when possible, we welcome a friendly dog.


Our rentals are fully fenced. All our rentals are clean, spacious and insulated.


We take pride in our homes, and our philosophy is simple: We want to provide you with homes that we would want to live in. 


Renting is a two-way relationship and we’re dedicated to making the tenancy process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. 


We understand that moving into a new property can be a stressful time. We are available to answer any questions, by text, email, phone. 


Because these are our homes, we can resolve any maintenance issue quickly, and when needed, we have our own trade's people that are reliable. 


When you choose to move on, we’ll also ensure you receive applicable bonds or refunds as soon as possible after the rental period expires.


We respect your privacy and will notify you in writing before inspections.  We’ll also keep any personal information you share with us, such as credit info, secure and confidential.


We build long-term relationships with tenants.


When tenants are happy, we're happy.  


Both Blair and Natalie are dog trainers for The School of the Naked Dog, and when we meet your dog, we are in a position to understand the bond that you have with your companion animal. Any issues with dog behaviour can be resolved, of course, depending on the issue. 


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